Kodak Certified Lab

Microfilm is a stable archival form that when properly processed and stored has a life expectancy of 500 years. Our preservation standard microfilm uses the silver halide process, creating silver images in hard gelatin emulsion on a polyester base. Microfilm is virtually impossible to mutilate. Users cannot tear or easily deface microfilm. Because of microfilm’s durability and endurance, most government agencies require that their records, maps and documents are stored on microfilm. Even digital images are now burnt to film and processed in a lab and used for archival purposes.

TIS’s certified Kodak lab was designed using Kodak specifications. The lab contains one M-20 Allen Deep Tank processor, two Kodak Prostars, a custom made dark room and a separate room for diazo duplication processes. All processes from start to finish are completed within our facility, providing exceptional security and quality control.

  • Chemical Quality
  • Proper Film Storage Procedures
  • Accurate Chemical Temperatures & Processing Speed
  • Film Density Testing
  • Scratch Tests
  • Reference Archive Processing Procedures
  • ANSI/AIIM StandardWe also offer monthly Methylene Blue Testing

We also offer monthly methylene blue testing for microfilm

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