Photos, Slides and Negatives Scanning

Old Photos

Photographs – whether they’re prints, slides or negatives – do not last forever, and each day, as they sit out of sight in a closet or basement, they are deteriorating. Endless threats can potentially damage or put them at risk, and one of the most efficient ways to guarantee the safety of your photographic collection is to preserve them digitally.

TIS provides a scanning service to help you safeguard those priceless memories. Send us your photos, slides, negatives or positive film so they can be professionally scanned and converted into True Color JPEG files for easy viewing/editing on your home computer.

Scanned images will be transferred onto a DVD data disc and returned to you with your original photographs. All work is completed on-site in Vancouver, Washington, so your photos never leave our sight during scanning.

Single CDWhat you will receive:

– JPEG images of your scanned photos loaded onto a DVD.
– Digital images in named folders to your specifications.
– Your original photos and a free DVD sent back to you within 30 days.
– Priceless memories that can now be preserved, shared and treasured!


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