Negatives and Positive Film Scanning

(We also scan photos and slides!)

If you think about it, your negatives are even more precious than prints of the same image, since the negatives will usually produce much better scans, and prints get made from the negatives. Your color negatives (or positive film strips), even in protective sleeves, are in danger from the color shifting and scratching that can occur over time.

The best way to save them is to have them scanned and converted into a digital format. We make it easy and affordable to preserve all your memories, and we also take careful measures to preserve the integrity of your film in our handling.

Send us your negatives or positive film. We’ll clean off any dust and dirt with compressed air, scan each frame and send them back as they came – including a DVD loaded with your newly scanned images – within 30 days.

$0.45 per image scan* + return shipping cost

(A $50.00 minimum is required for all Slides and 35mm Film Scanning, per order.)

*Price is for 35mm film only, scanned at 2200 dpi.
Custom pricing available for higher resolution scans, as well as other film formats.