Slides to Digital

(We also scan photos, negatives and positive film!)

Scanning slides can be an costly and time-consuming endeavor. Instead of buying expensive equipment and spending hours and hours using it, just send your slides to TIS and have them professionally scanned into a digital format.

Send us your carousels, loose slides, boxed slides, etc. We’ll clean off any dust and dirt with compressed air, scan each slide and send them back as they came – including a DVD loaded with your newly scanned images – within 30 days.

  • Convert Slides to Digital Images
  • Convert Slides to DVD
  • 35 mm Slides to DVD

$0.45 per slide scan* + return shipping cost

(A $50.00 minimum is required for all Slides and Film Scanning, per order.)

*Price is for 2200 dpi scans. Custom pricing available for higher resolution scans.