Microfilm Scanning Services


Microfilm Scanning Services Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

Media: 16 mm, 35 mm and film cartridge

Using State-of-the-art scanning equipment, fine tuned quality control procedures and a highly experienced workforce, TIS will convert your microfilm to high quality digital images that can be quickly accessed on your workstations.



There are so many reasons why companies are turning to digital conversions including; prevention of record loss, easier access, the ability to distribute documents over the internet or by email, to reduce storage space, and to respond faster to their clients or customers.


Our Conversion Services Include:

  • 100% of the images are viewed for quality and accuracy
  • Cropping, de-speckling and de-skewing
  • Key entry operators, OCR and bar-code indexing
  • Secure document pickup
  • Secure on-site storage
  • 24/7 document recall services
  • Document management solutions


Our services apply to many different fields and applications:

  • City and State Governments
  • Insurance Policies
  • Financial Records
  • Court Records
  • Mortgage Files
  • Law Enforcement Records
  • Medical Records
  • Human Resource Files