Universal Film Scanner


The easier, better way to scan multiple media with a single unit

The UScan UF-Series universal film scanner offers a competitively-priced unit driven by ease-of-use and maximum image clarity. If you’re looking for a scanner to simply and efficiently digitize all film and photographic material formats, you need look no further.

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The UF-Series embodies economy of scale with its ability to read, scan, print, email and save images from roll microfilm, microfiche, microcards, aperture cards and photographic materials. Taking the place of four separate scanners and incorporating the latest technology, the UF-Series design and multiple-use functions create an ideal unit for public access, walk-up patron and low-volume archival use.

  • Microfilm Scanner
  • Microfiche Scanner
  • Universal Film Scanner

If you’ve been searching for an ideal replacement, or maybe to augment your aging and archaic reader/printers, please don’t hesitate to contact us today – your local distributor of the UScan universal film scanner for Washington, Oregon and Idaho.



  • Designed for Public Use
    Walk-up scanner with sturdy construction, customizable interface, Kensington lock security, whisper-quiet operation, optional pay-per-use interface and low maintenance requirements
  • On-demand Multi-format Scanning
    Digitizes roll microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, microcards and photographic slides/negatives with icon-driven touch-screen interface
  • Learn-As-You-Go Auto Focus
    Increase efficiency as the UScan learns favorite focus and zoom positions to speed up image access, review and output
  • One-button Instant Capture
    Automatically detect and save frames on the film
  • Flexible Output Options
    Save files to local USB or flash drive; print to hardcopy; output to cloud, email or smartphone (UScan2)
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Compatible
    Fully-compatible with ILL document delivery service
  • Scan, Print or Save in color, grayscale or bi-tonal
  • Searchable Text (OCR) and Annotation Output
    Standard on the UScan2; a valuable option for the UScan base model
  • RapidScan Option
    Fully-automatic motorized film advance and frame detection for batch scanning (standard on the UScan2)
  • High Resolution USB3 Camera (UScan2 only)
    Newly developed technology doubles the resolution of the base camera and provides full-motion response, eliminating on-screen distortions